Monday, 5 November 2012

Podcast 27: Season 2 "Rust and Bone"

Hello folks,

We're changing gear this week after our Skyfall special, moving away from the blockbusters and looking at something from the arthouse side of cinema.

Our main review is "Rust and Bone" (or "De Rouille et D'Os" to give it the proper Gallic introduction!), the French relationship drama from Jacques Audiard and starring podcast favourite Marianne Cotillard. Don't let the subtitles put you off!

We also look at the week's movie news including the major announcement on Disney's takeover of Lucasfilm - and the fact we will be seeing more Star Wars movies (the first new one is slated for 2015!).

We round off the week with a slightly tenuous top five. Killer Whales play a major role "Rust and Bone", so Ryan and Stevie run down their top 5 movie fish - a slightly lighter finish to go with the heavier going of the main review!

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