Monday, 29 October 2012

Podcast 26: Season 2 - SKYFALL SPECIAL!!!

With the release of the 23rd Bond movie "Skyfall", Ryan and Stevie have a 007 special for your listening pleasure!

We'll breakdown and review Daniel Craig's third outing as the movie world's favourite secret agent.  Given the disappointment surrounding Quantum of Solace, pressure is really on Craig and director Sam Mendes to get it right this time round.  Have a quick look at the trailer to get you in the mood:

After the review, we discuss three questions that are now looming over the famous franchise, including Craig's place in the hierarchy of Bond actors.

Finally, we'll wrap up with possibly the most important top 5 rundown we've ever done on the podcast - the top 5 Bond movies.  This means we're going to have to nail our colours to the mast, as we are going on the record here! Does Skyfall make the final cut or is Sir Sean Connery just too smooth for Daniel Craig? You'll just have to listen to find out!

Click here to get involved with all the Skyfall chat and general Bond banter!


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  1. Same feel what I saw 40 yrs back predictable that good wins over bad or say clever wins over wicked, awesome just don't miss it.ALL Girls Gadgets & Guns up to mark.