Monday, 12 November 2012

Podcast 28: Season 2 "Argo"

We're back up to full strength this week with Ryan, Clarky and Stevie all in the studio to breakdown the latest actor/director double header from Ben Affleck - "Argo".

Based on a true story, Affleck stars as a CIA specialist tasked with getting a group of hostages out of Iran amid the political and social unrest of the early eighties.  He's also calling the shots behind the camera, something he pulled off with great aplomb in "The Town" - can he find the right recipe once again?

We'll also give our thoughts on the first trailer of the much-hyped World War Z - as both Clarky and Ryan are both big fans of the book, how will this sit with them? Have a look for yourself.

Finally, to honour the magnificent beard that Ben Affleck sports in "Argo", the lads will run down their top 5 movie beards!!!! A few hairy options are on the cards no doubt.....

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