Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Podcast 42

We're back after a two week break and this week we are reviewing Wes Anderson's latest film Moonrise Kingdom, which recently opened the Cannes film festival which has being going on for the last couple of weeks - more on that later. Moonrise Kingdom focuses on a love story between two misguided twelve year old outsiders who decide to run away together. Featuring a, typically, eclectic cast which includes the likes of Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, as well as Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton and Edward Norton. If you know Wes Anderson then you should know what to expect, but below is a trailer for you to check out in the meantime.

In movie news we review the new trailer for Skyfall the latest James Bond from director Sam Mendes. The trailer looks almost as glorious and beautiful as the new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe! A trailer (of the film not Berenice) is below for your delectation. We also discuss the results of the Cannes film festival.

Finally, in honour of Wes Anderson, and his particular and peculiar stylings, this weeks top 5 is the top 5 things that make a Wes Anderson movie. What 5 things, that if you see during your film, inform you instantly that you are watching a Wes Anderson movie. See below for a teaser of some such things:

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