Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Podcast 41

This week we are reviewing American Pie: Reunion. The 4th cinema release, ignoring the countless straight to DVD cash ins that have been thrust upon us in the interim, follows all the original gang who are back for their 13 year reunion (they forgot to cash in 3 years ago, or weren't desperate enough until now). Have they grown up or are they still the same guys we knew 13 years ago, click here to find out our thoughts.

In movie news we discuss the news that Jonah Hill has lined up another acting (rather than a straight out comedy role) role following his Oscar nomination for Moneyball. This time he is lined up for The Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leo DiCaprio in Scorsese's new film which is based on the memoirs of a Wall Street stockbroker.

We also discuss Josh Brolin's involvement in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake and the fact that The Avengers has officially had the largest opening weekend in history!

Finally, in honour of the American Pie series (and Stifler), we discuss the top 5 gross out movie moments of all time. We've included some of the shortlist below so you can remind yourself of what's in store before you listen to the podcast (some of them are just clips from the film, or even reactions, as the scenes in question are maybe not necessarily suitable viewing for everyone!).

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