Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Season 2: Podcast 17: The Dark Knight Rises special

It's finally here. After months of rumour and speculation, which we have wholeheartedly joined in with, the final instalment of Chris Nolan's Batman franchise is finally here with The Dark Knight Rises. This should be our last word on the matter (although we may give an updated review after we have had an IMAX viewing....) and as such we have gone all out with an hour long special where we give you a spoiler free review, before breaking the film down and discussing it in minute detail! Therefore, if you've not seen the film yet we would suggest that you only listen up to 15 minutes 52 seconds and at which point hit pause until you've treated yourself to a cinema trip.

If you've been to see it, then you will know there is a lot to discuss and we break these areas down and discuss them in the remainder of the podcast. Please don't be afraid to contact us and let us know what you think and whether or not you agree with our analysis!

Finally, our top 5 this week could only be on one subject - the top 5 moments from Chris Nolan's trilogy. Below are a few tasters as to what to expect from the first two films before you click here to enjoy the last of all the Batman-y goodness we have to offer!

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