Monday, 18 June 2012

Podcast 14

This week Ryan and Clarky are reviewing Rodrigo Cortes' new film Red Lights. Like his previous effort Buried, this has a B movie feel to it and it looks at the world of psychics, the paranormal and those charged to investigate it - University Professors played by Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver. Robert De Niro also stars as Simon Silver, the worlds biggest psychic. Just like Limitless the big man phones it in, and is nowhere near as interesting to watch as he was in his younger days.

In movie news this week we review the Django Unchained trailer, the new film from QT, and discuss the fact that Jonah Hill has now joined the cast. See the trailer below. We also look at another Jonah Hill film, The Wolf of Wall Street which has also added a new member to its cast in the form of the awesome Jean Dujardin (last seen in the exceptional The Artist). Finally, we have a look at some Prometheus news, which adds further to our disappointment. A recent video from Red Letter Media (who also tear apart the Star Wars prequels) recently hit the nail on the head and is shown below. Watch out though, it is spoilerific.

Finally, in honour of Red Lights we discuss the top 5 movie psychics. There are a few left field choices and plenty of banterful debate. Click hear to check out all our offerings.


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