Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Podcast 39

This week we review the new documentary from Kevin Macdonald. Following on from his Oscar winning One Day in September and the spectacular Touching the Void our hopes were high*, but would it live up to our expectations, especially following some of the superb documentaries we have seen recently (Senna, Project Nim, Into the Abyss, Staff Benda Bilili, Anvil, Dig!).

In movie news we look at the tidbits that have come out regarding Anchorman 2 and the potential storyline, Russell Crowe's titular role in the upcoming film from Darren Aranofsky - Noah - and the fact that big Mel Gibson (despite all his issues) may be returning to our screens in the Mexploitation sequel - Machete Kills. Quite how he will cope hanging out with anyone who isn't white is anyone's guess. At least the majority of Mexicans are Roman Catholic which, as we all know, is a subject close to the wee man's heart!

Finally, in this weeks top 5 we discuss the top 5 movie musicians. These can be real life (see the aforementioned Dig! and Anvil), biopics (Ray, Walk the Line) or completely fictional (Spinal Tap, Scott Pilgrim). Who will make it to the top of the pops? Click here to find out.

*pun very much intended.

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