Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Podcast 35

Ryan and Clarky had special guests from the Edinburgh Horror Club joining them this week to discuss the first horror screening of the new season- the low budget, found footage, exorcism extravaganza that is The Devil Inside. Critically destroyed by some reviewers and booed by American audiences it has still raked in over $50 million, not a bad return for it's $1 million budget. Does it deserve it's bad rap, or is it a genuine horror break out that is being unjustly vilified, click here to find out our views. (Be warned the four of us were around 2 mics this week which has resulted in the levels being slightly off, sorry. So if the volume suddenly ramps up, don't worry too much!).

In movie news this week we discuss the online viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises that is starting to gear up again (totally dismissing our previous claims to not get caught up in the hype!). We revisit last weeks podcast and discuss the fact that John Carter looks set to be the biggest flop of all time, somewhat unjustly in our mind. Finally, we discuss the new trailer for Prometheus, which you can view below.

Finally, in keeping with our review this week, @EdHorrorClub debate the top 5 religious horrors of all time. Will Clarky bring a leftfield choice to the table to try and provoke a reaction - almost certainly!


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