Monday, 27 February 2012

Podcast 33

We're back in the studio for podcast 33.

Clarky may be away on his holidays, but Ally from Edinburgh Horror Club has stepped up to the plate to take his place.

Our main review this week is Rampart, the cop corruption drama set in 90s LA starring Woody Harrelllson.

We also have a look at the big winners from last night's Oscars in the movie news section - sadly Clarky's predictions beat mine.....

Finally, in keeping with the dodgy policing on show in our main review, Ally and I run down our top 5 movie bad cops - and if you don't agree we'll be after you with the nightsticks and sirens!

You can listen to the podcast here - and remember you can get involved with the show via e-mail, twitter and the comments section below.

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