Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Podcast number 28

Ryan and Clarky are back in the studio reviewing The Thing. The prequel / remake of the amazing 1980's classic- John Carpenter's The Thing. Is this a pale imitation, or did this new entry take us over and win our hearts? Click here to find out. (to be honest even the poster is a poor imitation of these:

It's been a busy few weeks, and year, and Ryan is nearing the record of 127 films at the cinema in one year. It looks like the record will be broken this week and who knows what his final tally will be! Things only look to get busier with our final podcast of the year fast approaching with "The Guysies". Let us know what your nominations are so that we can ensure every base is covered in this marathon special.

In movie news this week there are a lot of new films that have been commissioned this week and we run down our initial reaction to them.

Finally, in honour of John Carpenter's The Thing, we discuss the Top 5 Movie Aliens. It's fair to say that the monstrosities from Indiana Jones and the Stupid Gopher and Nuclear Fridge did not make the cut. However, with so many to choose from we have almost certainly missed out someones favourite, so let us know if we have made a grave error!

One things for sure, you need to check out these musical numbers of two of our choices that add a little bit of light heartedness to proceedings.


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